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Personal Care

A personal care service is delivered by a team of qualified care staff. You can rest assured that they will assist you by following the agreed care plan and respect your choices and decisions. We offer bathing, washing, dressing and hair care. We offer assistance from getting you up and ready in a morning straight through to putting you to bed at night.  For maximum comfort and safety,  we are committed to ensuring and providing all our staff, are fully trained to use the latest moving and handling equipment.

Assisting with Meals

Good nutrition is important for people at every stage of their life if they want to stay healthy. ASK4CARE provide a meal service to cover any times required, ranging from breakfast time straight through to bed time. Our care workers are fully trained to prepare and serve meals. They'll stay with you to either offer encouragement or even help the client eat, ensuring they have a decent meal and - equally important - stay properly hydrated.

Sitting Service

Our sitting service can be tailored to exactly the length you require. We can provide cover on a regular daily basis or it can be organised on an ad-hoc basis so a main carer can attend an appointment or meeting.   Should your spouse or family member simply require a sitting service for some time out or to cover time away this too can be booked and arranged with ease. 

Night Service

This can be provided by way of night staff who will provide care and support throughout the whole night, staying awake to ensure that the individual being cared for is fully attended to or night staff who simply need to be in the property to ensure the individual requiring the sitting service is not alone.  Should you require a sitting service and the carer is able to sleep through the night whilst providing this service, all we ask is that the carer is provided with a separate sleeping area within call of the person being cared for. They will respond to any calls during the night, providing you and the person being cared for with peace of mind and reassurance.

Home from Hospital

To provide extra support just when it is needed to help early discharge and ease the transition of being back at home. Everybody's needs are very different and we will provide a service that is tailored to your specific requirements, once again with a full assessment of the needs and tailor a bespoke service for the individual. The care and support teams at ASK4CARE will be able to provide services, to suit all requirements.

Medication Prompt

If agreed at assessment that the care will include such things as a medication prompt we are happy to tailor this within your care package to your individual needs.  We will ensure that your loved ones or even yourself don’t miss any vital medication times and assist in prompting the medication to maintain the standard of good health we would wish for ourselves at all times are delivered.  All we ask is that all medication is dispensed by a Pharmacist and placed within a dosette box within your home to allow our team to prompt medication confidently. 

Support with Outings

Whether it's assistance with a visit to the doctors or a hospital appointment, the team provide a service to ensure that you arrive safely and on time. We're equally happy to assist you to go on social excursions; family get-togethers, weddings, visiting a club, shopping, collecting pensions, paying bills or simply to enjoy a walk in the park.  We are happy to tailor your care and assist with maintaining any outside interests you may have. 

Domestic Cleaning

The ASK4CARE team are happy to assist with any general household duties you may also require assistance with. Should it be agreed at the time of assessment or later that this is something you feel you require then we will happily manage these tasks for you to a high standard as we would in our own homes.  We'll dust and hoover, polish and generally ensure our clients' homes are kept spic and span. We're also happy to load, unload, peg out etc. any washing you may have and will even assist with ironing the same should this be something you feel will assist you within your care package.

Please contact us to book a consultation with one of our dedicated team

 All ASK4CARE services are fully person-centred and we provide the care that people want, delivered by high quality trained and carefully selected staff.

 Any individual requiring any of our services is offered a full individual person centred assessment carried out by one of our Management team.  Each one of these assessments will be offered on a face to face basis, whether this is to be carried out with the individual requiring the care, their main carer, close family or relevant outside agencies to fully discuss and formulate a bespoke, tailored care plan.   


 As with any of the services below, they can be added or amended at any time throughout your package and all we ask is that you simply inform the office of this so that your care plan and its contents can be amended to reflect fully any changes made or required.  

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